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iBG Robo Advisor is a AI for Blockchain User (d)Application
iBG Robo is going to make crypto investing easy for everyone!

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The First & Only Insured (POSI) DeFi token in the Metaverse. iBG is insured by POSI (Public Offering Security Insurance) fully reinsured by Lloyd’s of London Syndicates, rated minimum A- by AM Best.  Stake, Farm and Trade at your favourite platform.


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The Problem

Why does the world need the iBG app?

Decentralized Financial (DeFi) assets are gaining immense popularity and hit multiple milestones in 2020. However, DeFi platforms and protocols still lack a consumer-centric approach that the traditional financial industry spent decades reaching.

The main problems with DeFi investments

  • Simply put, the process of investing in DeFi and crypto is complex and technical and mostly built for siloed trading activities.
  • If you’re interested in DeFi assets, you’ll most likely find it challenging to adapt them into your investment strategy because of the complexity of the process.
  • You have to purchase crypto assets straight from a decentralized space making your user experience timid and time-consuming.
  • Despite their incredible rise, given the youth of DeFi platforms, they still lack a unified trading experience. You can mainly invest in one asset at a time rather than have a diversified investment portfolio.
  • When you invest in crypto without a suitable secure ecosystem, you’re exposed to cyber vulnerabilities.

Disclaimer: iBG Tokens are not for sale to U.S.A. and North America Tax Residents

Technical & Complex Analysis

Most investors would find it challenging to adapt DeFi investments into their portfolio on their own.

Designed for Siloed Trading

You can mainly invest in one DeFi asset at a time rather than create a diversified investment portfolio.

Time-Consuming & Timid

You have to purchase DeFi assets straight from a decentralized space, dimming the user experience.

Exposure to Cyber Vulnerabilities

There are risks when you invest in DeFi assets without a suitable secure ecosystem.

The Solution

We are bridging the gap between DeFi assets and investors

The solution is crypto and DeFi Robo advisory! iBG simplifies the user experience and gives non-tech savvy users access to DeFi assets and protocols. In traditional investments and portfolio management, you can get financial advisors and use automated platforms to enrich your portfolio. iBG will do the same for DeFi investments, with a smarter solution.

What is a Robo Advisor?
A Robo Advisor is a digital platform that provides you with AI enabled fund management. Like a traditional fund manager, it pools together money from many small investors (you being one of them) to make large and diversified investments. This decreases your costs and gives you investment diversification.
Robo Advisor for Crypto and DeFi
DeFi investment platforms are rapidly rising, and more investors are interested in cryptocurrencies. A Robo Advisor will offer the same benefits it does for traditional investments. It will also fast-track the evolution of crypto investments making the end-user experience easier and more effective.

How it works

How iBG delivers investment advisory

The iBG app is the wallet where it all begins. Get the app, buy the token, let the smart engine do the rest.

Step 1

The iBG app is where you can buy & store iBG tokens. There you can also find the iBG investment profile.

Step 2

The iBG smart engine builds your personalized investment portfolio contract based on your user details.

Step 3

Your iBG token is converted into stable coins and invested in different DeFi protocols based on the AI model.

Get Started

iBG: your one-stop investment advisory platform

iBG is bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the blockchain. The app relies on algorithms and AI models to optimize ROIs of DeFi assets and products. The iBG smart engine integrates various income vs. risk parameters to provide investors with recommendations of formulated investment strategies and portfolio options.

Trade signals & suggestions of formulated investment strategies.
Complete portfolio allocation based on various income vs. risk parameters.
Intuitive user experience with instant setup of the wallet & investment portfolio.
Investment advisory through the iBG Smart Engine for necessary regulations.

How the token’s value will grow through the ecosystem

The iBG token is expected to keep growing along with the ecosystem, and various factors will drive this growth.


Demand for the iBG tokens will increase once used for transaction fees and with a growing demand for yield and governance participation.


iBG will continue establishing new partnerships with traditional finance players and DeFi protocols to increase demand for the token.

Token Burn

Transaction fees will be burned and permanently taken out of circulation to keep the token’s value high with contribution from BGBF-I (South East Asia’s 1st Insured BTC Fund).

The iBG smart engine

How your investment portfolio is created

The iBG smart Robo advisory engine works based on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model, which offers DeFi risk scoring and DeFi rating. Based on the engine’s algorithms, you get two sets of services.


Get portfolio change suggestions, trade signals, and strategies to improve your DeFi investment portfolio while maintaining a hands-on approach.


Allow the iBG app to build your investment portfolio and allocate all your investments based on your goals.

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