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A February Message from iBG Finance CEO, Samuel Chng

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2022 Chinese New Year!

January was a busy month for iBG. We’ve restructured our internal processes and have been hard at work preparing new products to surface soon, which I’ll be providing details on in the later part of this message.

An integral part of the restructuring is my monthly participation in AMA sessions. I thoroughly enjoy being able to interact with you all and answer your queries, and am grateful for the weekly opportunities to do so. I’d begun this sort of tradition last month in an AMA hostedon 10 January 2022, and am looking forward to my next guest appearance this week.

With the iBG Lottery on BSC, we’ve successfully distributed 180,000 $iBG over the course of 14 weeks. I’d like to congratulate those who have actively participated and won our weekly prizes. If you’ve bought a ticket for 5 $iBG and won the 5,000 $iBG prize, that’s a thousand times your investment back! In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, I suppose you could see this as a generous 5,000 $iBG Angpao before the celebrations.

Although it brings us great joy when these numerous winnings are given out, it’s with a heavy heart that we bring the iBG Lottery to a close. Our last drawdown was on 30 January 2022, 19:00. We are refocusing our efforts to the development of our upcoming launches, and hope for your understanding that this decision will bring our milestones to an earlier fruition.

As for $iBG itself, we’ve seen a significant growth in the traded volume for January. On BSC, it was trading at a daily average of $130,000, which is 10 times the volume of December 2021. Our BSC price has risen from $0.140 to the $0.180 range, which is about a 30% rise. Over on ETH, we saw a 2022 new high at the $0.600 range.

February and March of this year will see the launch of our new, all-in-one website with features that link you straight to our releases, a farming revamp with a new Locked Staking feature for our ETH farms, and the much-awaited Robovisor.

To maneuver through our product range with easier accessibility and navigation, all our platforms are now connected to this one interface: I do hope you all give our new website a go and let us know what you think once it goes live.

Aside from a UI overhaul, a new feature to be added to our ETH farms,Locked Staking, allows you to indicate how long you’d like to keep your $iBG staked, and even decide how much APY you’d like to earn. Tabulation will be done on the platform automatically. Customize the terms to your liking and watch the yield grow.

Robovisor allows you access to a vast selection of pools for you to stake and earn altcoins in. We are staying true to our vision of Robovisor being your go-to platform for DeFi wealth management, and are working towards letting this vision show through our UI and backend logistics.

In regards to our Launchpad, we’ve completed all necessary prerequisites for the platform and are now moving on to its design and development. I can’t wait to tell you more about our progress in my next message.

To close, I am very happy with the pace iBG is keeping. In comparison to our roadmap, we are very much on track with the goals we outlined last month. I hope we continue to have your support and active participation during our ongoing developments. Your feedback and community action are valued and most appreciated.

I expect this joyous holiday to bring you all Good Health, Luck, and Prosperity. Once again, Happy Lunar New Year!

Samuel Chng, CEO


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