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A Message From Our Newly Appointed CEO, Samuel Chng

Thank you for your continuing support for iBG Finance throughout 2021.

Dear iBGians,

Thank you for your continuing support for iBG Finance throughout 2021.

2021 has been a challenging, yet exciting year. With the launch of our Welcome Wallet and BSC and ETH Farms, we have seen astounding waves of support and feedback from you all throughout the months. With this, I believe that we, iBG, can still do more to be better.

As the newly appointed CEO of iBG Finance, I can promise you that 2022 will be a promising year for iBG and all of you as well. We have a list of products and utilities in the pipeline, which you will learn more about from our announcement coming very soon.

Coming to the iBG Token, price is at the forefront of everyone’s concern. It has been an admittedly bumpy year, but we have seen increasing volume building up during the closing of the year.

For sustainable growth, we are building our iBG ecosystem, and active participation from you, our community, shall play an especially important and valuable part in this. There is a lot that you can do: buy and sell, sell and buy, buy and stake, harvest and liquidate, stake and lock, provide liquidity, and overall participating actively in iBG launches, products, and events, just as you all have been since our debut in the DeFi landscape.

Our team as a whole has been working around the clock to make sure that we are able to deliver on what we promise. I am excited to let you all in on what we’re doing in the coming weeks.

iBG Finance is an ecosystem built to meet all your DeFi needs and services. Our entire team has been working around the clock to ensure that this year, we prove to the growing industry that iBG Finance is YOUR go-to in the DeFi metaverse! We hope you’re here for the upward ride.

Wishing you all a fruitful new year,
Samuel Chng, CEO


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