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iBG Finance Announces Flash Lottery Open To All Crypto Enthusiasts

As the first and only Insured (POSI) DeFi token in the Metaverse, iBG Finance continuously moves forward with innovative and compelling features.

As the first and only Insured (POSI) DeFi token in the MetaverseiBG Finance continuously moves forward with innovative and compelling features. The upcoming month will be an exciting milestone for the whole community and those new to the crypto space to explore more about this project.

iBG Finance’s main aim is to simplify each crypto journey equipped with the latest Robo Advisor Technology that provides algorithm-driven recommendations. This advanced application will help users, especially the new entrants to the industry.

While the technical and the full completion of the most awaited Robo Advisor App are still in the process, iBG Finance team announces the “Flash Lottery.” It is to instill that the project is not slumbering but carefully planned to ensure credibility and reliability to every action implemented. The intention is also to provide entertainment and rewards to those who are actively participating inside the community.

iBG Finance Flash Lottery Guidelines

💎 This is an exclusive BSC lottery.
💎 Total price at 50k worth of iBG tokens.
💎 The flash lottery is open from today
💎 The Drawdown of winners will be Sunday, 31st October 2021 12:00 pm GMT +8
💎 Two winners are to be picked with 25k worth of iBG tokens each.
💎 The lottery is fully managed by a smart contract that allows anyone to check the address.
💎 Winners are a random pick in the tickets sale transactions.
💎 100% of subscriptions are burnt on drawdown

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