iBG Staking Guides

This guide assumes you already have iBG. Should you need to purchase some, please go ahead to https://amm.ibg.finance/#/swap to swap either BNB or USDT for iBG you desire. This guide will cover several aspects for both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain such as:

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Providing iBG liquidity for LP tokens

Here are the steps with accompanying screenshots.


Step 1: Navigate to “Trade -> Liquidity” from the left menu to access https://amm.ibg.finance/#/pool which allows you to add or remove liquidity. Click on the “Add Liquidity” button to proceed.



Step 2: Liquidity must be added in equal amounts (in USD value, not in token quantity). To add liquidity for iBG-BNB, select “BNB” or for iBG-BUSD, select or add “BUSD” (Contract address: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56) and click on “Select a currency” to add the iBG token (Contract address: 0x5c46c55A699A6359E451B2c99344138420c87261).



Step 3: Once both tokens are selected, input how much tokens you wish to contribute to liquidity. As mentioned, liquidity is added in equal amounts (in USD value), so keying in a number in either BNB or iBG will automatically calculate the paired token automatically. In this example, we have entered 50 iBG, which corresponds to 0.022779 BNB at time of writing. Once you finalize the amount of liquidity you want to add, click on “Supply” and “Confirm Supply” in the popup to continue.



Step 4: There should be a MetaMask confirmation that pops up after you click on “Confirm Supply” in the pop up. Hit “Confirm”, wait for the transaction to succeed and you will now get LP tokens and are ready to stake them.



Step 5: You may check that you have LP tokens now by visiting https://amm.ibg.finance/#/pool and looking under “Your Liquidity”. Take note that if you have already staked your LP tokens, nothing will show up here. This page only shows LP tokens that are in your wallet and not when they are staked.


Staking in iBG

There are two types of staking. One is staking just iBG tokens (often called pools or single asset staking), and the second is staking LP tokens (often called farms). With regards to LP tokens, you can stake iBG-BNB LP tokens or iBG-BUSD LP tokens. There are many, many combinations of LP tokens in the DeFi space. For purposes of this guide, we will go through iBG-BNB LP staking, but take note that for other farms or pools, the steps are essentially the same.

Step 1: Navigate to “Farming -> V2” to locate the available LP farms. Or “Staking -> V2” to locate available single asset staking pools. For this example, we are using “Farming -> V2” to stake our iBG-BNB LP tokens. Do go ahead and “Approve Contract” for the iBG-BNB farm and “Confirm” your MetaMask popup.



Step 2: Click on “Stake”.



Step 3: Enter the desired amount of LPs to stake. In this example, we are staking all of the LP tokens we have, which is 1.019331941153155522 iBG-BNB LPs. Hit “Confirm” to continue and then “Confirm” on the MetaMask popup as well.



Step 4: Once the transaction completes, you will now see that you have successfully staked your LP tokens!


Harvesting your iBG

Over time, your staked assets will generate some iBG rewards. You may see how much pending rewards you have by visiting https://farm.ibg.finance/farms and looking under “iBG Earned”. To harvest your rewards, you may use the following guide.


Step 1: Navigate to https://farm.ibg.finance/farms and hit “Harvest”. For this example, we currently have 0.002 iBG earned which we are going to harvest.



Step 2: “Confirm” the MetaMask popup.



Step 3: Once the transaction is complete, you have successfully harvested your rewards. What happens next is that the “iBG Earned” will reset to “0” while your staked LPs remain.


Unstaking in iBG

You may unstake at any time for regular farms and pools. But for LOCKED farms and pools, please take note that despite the APRs being higher, it comes with a requirement of keeping your stake locked up for a certain duration. Early withdrawals will incur a penalty on the amount you have staked. For purposes of this new user friendly guide, we will only cover the regular farms and pools. Information regarding our LOCKED farms and pools can be obtained via our Telegram group found here https://t.me/ibgfinance


Step 1: Navigate to “Farming -> V2” to locate the available LP farms. Or “Staking -> V2” to locate available single asset staking pools. For this example, we are using “Farming -> V2” and unstaking our  iBG-BNB LP tokens.



Step 2: Hit the “-” (minus) button to unstake your LPs. You may hit the “+” (plus) button to add on to your current stake if you wish. Adding on is as simple as hitting the “+” (plus) button and then indicating how much you wish to add, and then confirming the transaction. For this guide, we will be covering unstaking LPs, so hit the “-” (minus) button. In the popup, we will input the amount of iBG-BNB LP tokens we wish to unstake. In this case it is 1.019331941153155522 iBG-BNB LP tokens or “Max”.



Step 3: Hit “Confirm” and proceed to the MetaMask popup and “Confirm” that too.



Step 4: Once the transaction is complete, you will see that you no longer have any LPs staked.


Removing liquidity from LP tokens

Should you need to remove your liquidity, you may do so by unstaking them, and navigating to “Trade -> Liquidity” and then under the “Your Liquidity” tab, hitting “Remove”.



Step 2: First “Approve” the smart contract, which enables it from removing your LPs for you and then “Sign” the MetaMask popup.



Step 3: After successful signing, use the slider to determine how much liquidity you wish to remove. After which, you hit the now clickable “Remove” followed by “Confirm” in the pop up and then “Confirm” in the MetaMask pop up to break apart (remove) your LP tokens back into your iBG and BNB.



Step 4: Your liquidity is removed and you will no longer hold any LP tokens.

Disclaimer: iBG tokens are not for sale to USA & North America tax residents.