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The Token

How you will benefit from the iBG token

The iBG token will provide a one-stop-shop experience by acting as the one token with which investors can complete all their investments.

Beyond using the iBG token for utility purposes, you are privy to many rights as a token-holder.


Vote for iBG product development, protocol integrations & token burn strategy.

Yield Farming

You can earn yields by providing liquidity to the iBG treasury.

Transaction Fees

You can pay for transaction fees using the iBG token.


If you’re a developer, you’ll receive iBG tokens for contributing to the ecosystem.

Referral Program

Get rewarded for introducing new users to iBG through an extensive referral program.

How the token’s value will grow through the ecosystem

The iBG token is expected to keep growing along with the ecosystem, and various factors will drive this growth.


Demand for the iBG tokens will increase once used for transaction fees and with a growing demand for yield and governance participation.


iBG will continue establishing new partnerships with traditional finance players and DeFi protocols to increase demand for the token.

Token Burn

Transaction fees will be burned and permanently taken out of circulation to keep the token’s value high with contribution from BGBF-I (South East Asia’s 1st Insured BTC Fund).

iBG token specifications

Specifications Description
Token ticker iBG
Token type ERC-20 (utility token)
Blockchain Ethereum with interoperability with Polkadot
Domicile of issuance Republic of Seychelles
Total supply 45 000 000

Disclaimer: iBG Tokens are not for sale to U.S.A. and North America Tax Residents.

Usage of Funds

How we will use the funds to bring the iBG app to life

Development Plan

Token holders will become part of the iBG community and reap the benefits as the tokens evolve and the iBG app is developed. Based on the token sale, we will allocate the money based on how we have estimated the budgets that will ensure we can deliver all our promises.

Budgeted based on estimates, we will implement flexible deployment based on market demand per activity.


How the development of iBG will unfold

Q4 2020

  • The iBG protocol was conceived.
  • Market research & protocol viability was conducted.
  • The token was designed.
  • A strategic partnership with a digital asset custodian for token issuance was established.

Q1 2021

  • The iBG token mining begins.
  • The private token sale takes place (Jan-Feb).
  • DeFi partnerships & financial institutions MOU are established.
  • A partnership with BGBF-I fund is established for participation in the token burn mechanism.

Q2 2021

  • The iBG app & smart engine development begins
  • The iBG treasury and liquidity setup takes palace
  • The iBG token burn structure is developed
  • The iBG airdrop for marketing activities takes place
  • The token presale takes place (April).

Q3 2021

  • The iBG AI model backtesting begins.
  • The iBG app trial and reiterations begin.

Q4 2021

  • DeFi partnered protocols & institutions are onboard.
  • The beta version of the iBG app is released.

1st Floor, Dekk House,
Zippora Street,
Providence Industrial Estate,
Mahe, Republic of Seychelles

Email: [email protected]

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