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Where Robovisor Is Down The Line: A Look Behind The Curtain

On January 6, 2022, iBG Finance unveiled the groundwork for the upcoming release of their diversified wealth management portal.

On January 6, 2022, iBG Finance unveiled the groundwork for the upcoming release of their diversified wealth management portal. The launch plan detailed a 6-tier system that grows user’s investments. Users are awarded allocations in high yield and early seed products. The higher their tier, the greater the allocation given.

A new and improved roadmap was released with this launch detailing the timeline of each stage of the full launch. IBG token holders and its wider community were given a glimpse into the new ecosystem that iBG Finance is building.

Along with the announcement of all the exciting initiatives lined up for the year, it leaves the iBG community with a crucial question: Where is Robovisor?

Robovisor is a wealth management platform designed to simplify the process of investing in the DeFi landscape. Processes with numerous transactions and transfers would now be seamless with Robovisor, effectively embodying the core mission of iBG Finance: to make DeFi simpler.

3-step walkthrough on how to navigate Robovisor

The platform was portrayed as the project’s champion product; a star to debut on the main stage of iBG Finance as a solo show. It was originally set to release in Q4 of 2021, but with the recent reassessment of the project over the last few months, Robovisor now finds itself sharing the limelight as part of a slate of products that comprise the iBG ecosystem.

Although launching at a later date, its complex AI engine will still set it apart from the larger iBG ecosystem. The developing team strives to ensure the quality of the platform, its features, and of course, the running AI engine itself.

Robovisor continues to be built in the image of its founding vision: a simple and accessible vehicle for crypto novices, enthusiasts, and veterans alike to diversify their portfolio and see what the metaverse has to offer, no headaches from extra (and oftentimes complicated) procedures in the way.

Once a one-man show, it now serves as a critical element of the multifaceted range iBG has in its roster. Alongside the iBG liquidity pools on the BTC and ETH farms, it now awaits the release of it’s upcoming sister, the previously mentioned diversified wealth management portal coming in Q2 of this year.

iBG’s wealth management portal, which will function like a DAO, will enable every member of the iBG community to be further immersed in the crypto space by providing them with the opportunity to scale their investments in DeFi.

The portal will do this by aggregating the most promising projects (both early-stage and market-ready projects) built on the blockchain for the community to invest in. Combined with the Robovisor, this will enable every user to participate and earn massive rewards from these pre-selected projects based on their risk appetite.

With these recent announcements, iBG Finance hopes that the community is along for the ride, and assures that come what may, they continuously deliver on what is expected, and have their ears out for the community. As the months come and go, more details will be communicated as progress is made to make the project roadmap a reality.

iBG Finance is delighted to present a new, refreshing way to explore DeFi, earning in ways (and numbers) unimaginable. These strategic developments have been conceptualized and are underway to ensure that we provide our community with new innovations that continuously build on our core mission of enabling the common individual to navigate the ever-evolving DeFi metaverse.”
— Samuel Chng, Chief Executive Officer

Readers may find more information about the wealth management platform and iBG’s full project roadmap for 2022 here.


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