iBG Finance Investment Portal will allow each investor to grow and expand their investment portfolio

There are 9 tiers of membership that can fulfill different transaction scale requirements.

To get a membership, users need to purchase corresponding iBG on BSC or ETH from the membership page. Find out when this page will be launched by joining our socials on Discord or Telegram.

The portal utilizes a tier system based on the iBG tokens held

The tier-based rewards system will feature nine tiers:


100 iBG

Allocation of $10


1,000 iBG

Allocation of $100


5,000 iBG

Allocation of $500


10,000 iBG

Allocation of $1,100


25,000 iBG

Allocation of $3,000


50,000 iBG

Allocation of $6,500

Elite Platinum

100,000 iBG

Allocation of $16,000

Elite Diamond

250,000 iBG

Allocation of $42,500

Elite Titanium

500,000 iBG

Allocation of $100,000


By-invitation only category for VC’s and large token holders

What Investors Can Earn

Projects will be categorized according to compounding interest or APY.

Stable Returns

Projects yielding 100% APY or less

Medium Returns

Projects yielding 101-500% APY

High Returns

Projects yielding 501%++ APY

Extreme Returns

Project yielding 1,000% APY or more

Early-stage token projects with better investment opportunities will only be available to Gold members and above. 

Token holders can move up to higher membership tiers for a higher allocation or downgrade their membership if they want a lower allocation.

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